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Compare Courier Insurance  - Vans, Cars and Bikes

If you are insured to drive a car you will have a policy called Social, Domestic & Pleasure insurance, or SD&P. This standard policy protects you for everyday driving, for example driving to work or the shops. However, it does not provide cover for courier goods. Working as a courier full time or part time puts you in a higher risk category. As this type of work normally puts you under pressure to delivery quickly and within a certin time frame. This extra pressure can and does lead to additional accidents compared to social driving.   Compare Courier Insurance makes it easy for you to get cheap courier insurance quotes online.

What you need is termed Hire and reward van insurance, it is more expensive than a stanadrd car policy, but you are higher risk. If you only work part time you can avail of a pay as you use type policy.

Courier insurance is an important component of any type of carrier business.  If the goods that you transport can be easily sold on the black market or are valuable then you need protection against theft.  Every courier business needs a good level of cover in place to protect against the loss or damage of goods that they are couriering.

Because of the inherent risks, policies for courier insurance can be expensive. To find the best deal it will pay to compare what options are currently available in the marketplace.  One approach is to get multiple quotes, compare what is included and not included and the price.

Flexible Payment options Available

  • Pay monthly with direct debit or bank transfer
  • Pay quarterly
  • Pay a one off annual payment

3 Levels of cover available

  • Comprehensive
  • Third party plus Fire & Theft.
  • Third party only. Covers you for any damage made to the property of a third party including or any injuries that may result.

What is the difference if any between haulage and courier cover

Both have similarities, but they are also different. Both have one common feature: they both include cover for ‘ carriage of goods  for hire and reward'. A premium is derived based on risk to the broker of having to payout and the average payout amount. As risk can be greater for haulage the underwriters differentiate these 2 modes of carriage as different and policies are constructed to reflect the difference.

compare courier insurance
  • The key difference is that haulage is associated with the movement of a consignment from A to B , the consignment most often is white goods or dry goods, but can also be livestock.
  • Couriers tend to provide a delivery service of various items and one journey typically will involve many drop offs or deliveries at different locations.
  • Couriers tend to use faster and cheaper delivery modes that include cars, vans , motorcycles or push bikes.
  • As haulier usually equates to the bulk movement of goods, hauliers will most likely be using  heavy good vehicles in contrast to small vans typical of a courier service

In summary if you are being paid for the delivery of other people's goods on a multi drop basis then you should purchase insurance for couriers. The converse is true of haulage cover which will involve moving bulk goods from origin to destination. Multi drop is normally accepted to be 3 or more different drop locations per day. If delivering by car look at car courier insurance if using a van then you will need hire and reward van insurance.

What does courier insurance cost?

The cost of cover depends on a multitude of factors some of which you do have control over. One of these is which insurance category the actual vehicle that you use falls into.

These categories normally range from 1 to 20, category 1 contains vehicles that are in general the cheapest to insure. The main factors that are used to determine which group are as follows:

  • The purchase price and the price of spare parts.
  • The size, the bigger the more cargo that will need covered. 
  • The average costs to repair 

Is monthly courier insurance available

Taking out courier insurance for a month or on a pay as you insurance go basis is a relatively new product. This type of policy was pioneered by ZEGO who plans that match the requirements of the modern gig economy. This enables you to take out insurance on a pay as you go basis or on a 30 day basis. Initially the traditional insurance brokers were reluctant to provide this type of cover as they could not see how it could be profitable to them. However, the idea is that if you only need insurance for a short period of time you will be less risk and should pay less than someone that will be on the road everyday will be more risk and pay more.

How to reduce your courier insurance premium

  • Vehicle Insurance Category : If you are just starting a new courier business, then pay attention to insurance vehicle categories, higher categories will attract a higher premium.
  • Drivers : Are you able to limit the policy to named drivers ? Can you limit drivers to over 25 ? Can you limit drivers to ones with a good history of no claims (NCB) ? Doing any of these will reduce your risk and subsequent insurance premium quotes.
  • Security: Can you provide safe and secure parking ? Can you add additional insurance industry approved security devices? Unfortunately if your business is in a built city area you will pay a higher premium, as you are under a higher risk of theft or accident.
  • Excess: This is the amount that you are responsible for in the event of a claim. Some brokers will let you increase this amount and in return lower your premiums. If you do take this route set aside the excess amount so it does not impact your daily business.
  • Compare : Shop around by comparing all the options that are currently available on the market place. It is important to also compare when it comes renewal time. It may be possible to get cheaper insurance from a new provider that is offering for example a new customer discount.

GIT : Cover for the goods in haulage

In addition to the courier insurance for your mode of transport you will also require cover for goods in transit and public liability. GIT will protect your merchandise whilst in transit, some level of GIT cover may be already included in your courier policy, but it most likely not be sufficient. Make it clear to the broker the types of service or services that you intend to provide. We offer a wide range of courier insurance products with food delivery insurance being the most popular with the new gig community.

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