10 Ways To Lower Cost Of Van Insurance

These 10 ways to lower the cost of van insurance are proven paths to reducing the risk of operating a van. This reduction in risk is why it will help to reduce the cost of the insurance premium. The lower the risk, the less the premium will be. If you use your van or fleet of vans to provide a delivery service, you will be aware that you require hire and reward van insurance, which is more expensive than standard van trade insurance. Below, we have complied 10 ways to help bring down the cost of your courier van insurance premium.

  1. 1
    By placing a business sign or logo on the side of the van, its appearance becomes unique. It is also a great way to advertise for a small business owner or tradesman. By being one of a kind in appearance reduces the risk of it being stolen by thieves since it would be easy to spot by the police.
  2. 2
    The smaller, the better. With that in mind when choosing a van, do not get one you can grow into, but one with just enough room you need now. The smaller a van is, the lower the risks and costs of getting insurance.
  3. 3
    The small is better angle is also how a van owner should view their engine. By having a small displacement engine, the risk to the insurance company is again reduced, and they charge a lower premium to cover the vehicle. As a benefit to the van owner, the fuel mileage will also be better, which lowers the cost of operating it.
  4. 4
    Telemetric devices is another path to follow to lower the risk the insurance company will have by insuring your van. By having a black box installed, the exact way the van is driven, where it is driven and the areas it operates will also be known.
  5. 5
    The popular dashcam is another way of acquiring evidence of how well the driver of the van operates the vehicle. The data can also be used in court when the vehicle is involved in a road accident. Both lower the risk to the insurance firm and likewise lower the premium costs.
  6. 6
    Where the van will be parked when not in use is another area the owner can reduce the risk to the insurance firm. The most secure place would be in a locked garage or shed. If that is not available, then in a driveway or a carport. The highest risk parking is on the street.
  7. 7
    Most modification to a van will indeed cause the insurance premiums to rise, but there are a few like the installation of anti-theft devices that will have the opposite effect and lower the risks and cost of insurance.
  8. 8
    The location where the van is registered also influences the amount the insurance company will charge for coverage. For tradesmen, the use of their home address in the suburbs is a practical way of reducing the risks associated with owning a van. Those that are registered in an urban area will be charged a higher premium due to the additional risk of theft and vandalism in the big cities.
  9. 9
    By keeping a maintenance log of all repairs and periodic work done on the van is proof it is roadworthy and well maintained. The reduction in risk is done by the logic that a well-maintained vehicle will not have a part failure and cause an accident.
  10. 10
    By stating the hours the van will be on the road when taking out the policy can lower the risk factors of operating it when it is only driven during the day. If the van will be used regularly at night, the risks go up along with the costs of the premium.

These are the 10 ways to lower cost of van insurance. The more of them you incorporate to how, where and when you use the van will help you to save money on your annual premium costs. These factors should also be considered when deciding what is the best van for courier work.

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