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  • Insurance for delivery of parcels and letters 
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Courier Car insurance UK - Uber, Deliveroo and Hermes Food Delivery Drivers

Courier car insurance whilst not legally compulsory will protect your courier transportation business. If you are using your car to provide a courier service, full or part time you should have insurance. The insurance should provide cover for the items that you deliver plus any additional risks that you pose. Car couriers are normally using their own vehicle to provide a hire for reward service. The associated risks with this business model are not covered in a standard car insurance policy.

In order to help find  a good deal on car food delivery insurance it pays to compare what options are currently on offer in the marketplace. We can help, as we are able to send your insurance requirements to a panel of UK brokers. These brokers will then provide you with insurance offers.  Having access to multiple offers should make it easier for you to find a good deal that is best suited to your individual requirements.

Insure Your Car Easily When Using it as a Courier Vehicle

Insurance companies tend to consider carriers of goods as high risk. This is mainly due to the fact that they not only make multiple stops in the course of their business, but that they often find themselves working against the clock. These insurers are also well aware of the fact that couriers often carry valuable goods, a fact that thieves know as well. As such take actions to lower costs is advisable. Below is a list of ways to reduce your premiums.

car courier driver insurance

Compare Car Courier Insurance

Protect your Courier Business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

  • Maintaining a good history of no claims will  lead to a more competitive quote as the underwriter views you with less risk of making an actual claim.
  • Increase the excess level: This is viewed as taking on more responsibility. The broker should reduce your car courier insurance annual premium to reflect this.
  • Ongoing Training : Can you provide evidence that you provide your drivers with ongoing driver training? If yes inform your broker as again this should help lower the premium price. 
  • Good security measures such as providing secure parking, fitting additional security gadgets that are approved by the UK insurance industry.
  • If possible hire drivers with a good history of driving and if possible over 25 and under 75
  • Speak with your broker about bringing down the cost of your premium by increasing the excess policy amount. Taking more responsibility will usually lead to lower quotes. 

Types of cover to consider :

  • Goods in Transit : If you transport goods of high value  you should look at GIT insurance which is in addition to basic car insurance and will cover you for loss or damage to goods in transit. Please note it is common practice for these types of policies to have  a list of exclusions for example diamonds. Do take time to ensure that the items that you transport are not on the list. If they are on the excluded list you will need to negotiate with the broker to get them added to your policy.
  • Employer's Liability : If you employ staff you are open to claims made by them. Taking out employer’s liability cover will safeguard you from what can be substantial costs should a claim be made against your business by one of your employees.
  • Transport Breakdown : If you transport time critical items then you need to be able to quickly continue your onward journey. As such consider breakdown cover which will get you mobile again quickly so that any delay is minimal.
  • Public Liability : This provides should any members of the public suffer loss or injury that you have mau cause whilst carrying out your everyday work.

Courier Car  Insurance Driver Options

Named drivers is the cheapest option. However if your business model needs some flexibility as to who can drive at short notice then any driver is available, but the premium will be slightly higher.

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To start comparing the options available for car courier insurance select the get a quote button. Our system will send you multiple quotes for car courier insurance after you complete the online inquiry form. If are using your car to work part time for Ubereats, Deliveroo or Hermes take time to make sure if you have the correct type of policy in place.

Compare Car Courier Insurance

Protect your Courier Business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.