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Do you or your business need car courier insurance? Courier car insurance is necessary if cars within your business are responsible for the transportation of valuables or goods as a part of daily business. In such cases a standard motor  policy may not provide sufficient cover, especially if the items are valuable. In order to help find  a good deal on car courier insurance it pays to compare what options are on offer within the UK insurance industry. We can help as we are able to send your insurance requirements to a panel of 40 and growing brokers that will provide you with a policy quote along with policy conditions, letting you compare multiple brokers easily.

Car and courier vans are easy targets for thieves and the reward for the thieves can often be substantial. Add to this the fact that theses cars are often parked in busy areas whilst deliveries are being made they can easily show up on the radar of the profession hijacker.

By law, any vehicle operated on a public road in the UK requires standard 3rd party motor insurance. However, should you be using your car for a courier service, cover provided by a normal car policy is inadequate. You will need to obtain courier Insurance for cars if you carry goods with the intention of delivering them.

If I have ‘business use’ on my private car policy, am I covered for this type of work ?

Car Courier Insurance

Should you be delivering take-away food, or flowers, Class 3 Business Insurance may cover this type of delivery. It should be understood, that this type of policy does not necessarily provide cover for any and all businesses.

It is imperative that you take the time and do the research needed in order that you obtain not only the best deal possible deal, but cover that is correct for your unique situation. As is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Do not assume that the cheapest is best. If you do this, you could very well end up with the wrong cover.

As a transporter of goods, you most likely will out on the road often. For this reason, it is wise to include comprehensive cover to your courier Car insurance policy. This can provide cover for every eventuality.

Insurance companies tend to consider carriers of goods  as high risk. This is mainly due to the fact that they not only make multiple stops in the course of their business, but that they often find themselves working against the clock. These insurers are also well aware of the fact that couriers often carry valuable goods, a fact that thieves know as well.

As is the case with normal car insurance, carrier of goods cover falls into three main types.

· Comprehensive

· Third Party Only

· Third Party Fire and Theft

Regardless of what type of cover you choose on your courier car Insurance policy, you will need to pay an excess. This is the amount of money one pays towards any claim that they are responsible for. This also would apply to any accident you might be involved in that was deemed your fault.

How many drivers am I allowed to have on my Courier Car Insurance policy ?

In general, there are no restrictions as to the number of drivers you can have on your policy however, most insurers will definitely place conditions on who can drive. The premium cost for your policy is often affected not only by the age, but also the claims history of your named drivers. You can also avail yourself of the any driver cover option, but it goes without saying, (we’ll say it anyway) The greater the amount of drivers you have on your policy, the greater the cost.

Regardless of what vehicle you chose to drive, it is advisable to carry goods in transit cover on your car courier Insurance policy. This will protect the goods that you have been entrusted with against damage or theft.

Compare Car Courier Insurance 

Complete an online inquiry form and within minutes start receiving multiple quotes from Specialist UK Insurance Brokers

Here are other types of cover that should be considered .

Goods in Transit Cover – If you transport goods of high value  you should look at GIT insurance which is in addition to basic car insurance and will cover you for loss or damage to goods in transit. Please note it is common practice for these types of polices to have  a list of exclusions for example diamonds. Do take time to ensure that the items that you transport or not on the list and if they are you will need to negotiate with the broker to get them added to your policy.

Employer’s liability cover – If you employ staff you are open to claims made by them. Taking out employer’s liability cover will safeguard you from what can be substantial costs should a claim be made against your business by one of your employees.

Vehicle breakdown cover – If you transport time critical items then you need to be able to quickly continue your onward journey breakdown cover which will get you mobile again quickly so that your business in not severely interrupted.

How to Reduce your Annual Car Courier Insurance Premium

  • Maintaining a good history of no claims will normally lead to a more competitive quote as the underwriter views you as comparatively a lower risk to make a claim against your policy,.
  • Consider Increasing the excess This will be looked on in a positive light by any broker and should lead to a reduced car courier insurance annual premium for your 
  • Ongoing Traing : Can you orovide evidence that you provide your drivers with ongoing training of safe and responsible driving? If yes yell the broker as again this should help lower the premoium price. Hire drivers with a good history of driving and if possible over 25 and under 75.
  • The more secure your delivery vans the more likely you will receive a more favourable quote from UK insurance brokers. Take measures to provide secure parking, behind secure gating if possible additional fit security gadgets that are approved by the UK insurance industry.
  • Be aware that drivers under 25 are statistically proven to be more likely to be involved in an accident and that the costs of these are higher than drivers over 25. Have mature drivers will in the yes of the underwriter reduce their risk which in turn will result in a figure that is lower if the risk is not present.

Compare Car Courier Insurance 

Complete an online inquiry form and within minutes start receiving multiple quotes from Specialist UK Insurance Brokers

Do I Need Courier Insurance ?
The type and volume of goods that you transport will play a factor in arriving at an insurance premium. Taking the extreme example of a diamond courier not only would you find it hard to find an underwriter to underwrite the risk the premium not be cheap.
How to set up a courier business
Demand for couriers is greatest in the business regions of major UK cities. This demand is of a business nature, delivery of urgent documents for example. However, a demand for fast food delivery service exists in all regions of the UK as the love of fast food continues.
Road Safety Reminders for Delivery Drivers
Whether you are the owner a haulage company, or work as a driver for one, road safety must always be observed. While doing haulage can be rewarding in many ways, there is more to the trade than just driving around doing delivery work. One important thing that needs attention is road safety.
What is Courier Insurance
Simply put, the aim of this type of cover is to protect not only your vehicle and its cargo, but also you. As is very often the case, as a courier, you will be transporting valuable packages for your clients, and will be exposed to more risks, as you spend significantly more time on the road than the average driver. Many of these risks are not covered on standard driver policies.