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What is Goods in Transit Insurance for Couriers?

Goods in Transit is the term given to a rider of a commercial vehicle Hire for Reward insurance. This particular part of an insurance policy is what financially protects the item or items being transported by a courier in their vehicle.

What items can be covered by Good in Transit?

It is the profession of a courier to take a third party’s item or items and take them to their designated destination. The item can be prepared food, grocery store food supplies, or non-perishable items like TVs, car parts, jewellery, important papers or anything else a shipping needs delivered.

How do Goods in Transit protect items being transported?

By having a rider or amendment to a commercial hire and reward van insurance policy, the driver will not be held financially responsible if the item is stolen, damaged or in the case of it being a food item no longer warm. This cover will pay for the replacement or repair of the damaged or stolen item to the owner of it.

Should all couriers add Goods in Transit to their car courier cover?

The correct answer is it depends on what is being transported. When the parcels contain expensive items like jewellery, precious metals and electronic items, then yes. For some on-line retailers, a Goods in Transit add-on is required to be a courier for them.

The couriers with fast food delivery insurance along with Uber Eats drivers and other couriers who deliver prepared food for restaurants, adding the Goods in Transit would not be financially logical. The cost of this rider would not be recovered due to the fact the food items are just not expensive enough to warrant this additional type of cover. In most instances, the restaurant will cover the damaged goods in transit by just replacing the order.

For couriers trying to decide if the Goods in Transit is a good option for them to include on their commercial vehicle insurance, calculate the costs if just one item is damaged or stolen as compared to the additional costs the insurance company will charge for this add-on annually. If the replacement cost of just one lost item is more than the increase in the premium on an annual basis, this add-on should be considered. If 10 or more claims must be made to cover the annual increase of the premium for this add-on, this additional cover is not a financially sound move.

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