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Courier motorcycle insurance offers valuable protection to you or your courier drivers. Getting this type of courier cover can be expensive, as such it pays to do some research and compare courier insurance policies on offer from multiple UK insurance brokers.  The price should not be the only indicator used when selecting a policy it is very important that the policy meets fully with your individual or business requirements as we mention in the following paragraph going for cheap may leave you under insured which will put your business at risk when it comes time to activate your insurance policy.  

Don't Under or Over Insurance 

courier motorcycle insurance

Delivering goods by motorbike does save on time and naturally fuel costs and is very cost effective especially in large towns or cities like London or Manchester.  However this form of transport does attract  a higher level of risk to the underwriter responsible for arriving at a policy premium that keeps both you and them covered. Start by figuring out what type of courier motorbike insurance will be required for your courier business, if you are responsible for the movement of valuable items it would be wise to choose a policy that offers goods in transit also abbreviated to GIT. Do examine any exclusions in any proposed courier motorcycle policy, which is normal in these type of polices. One example would be the movement of dangerous chemicals or expensive cargo such as  jewelry.

Compare Courier motorcycle insuranc

Complete an online inquiry form and within minutes start receiving multiple quotes from UK Brokers

Key areas that should be considered for Courier Motorcycle Insurance Include: 

Goods in Transit Cover –  This should be considered if you are transporting items of high value or items if delayed can result in financial loss which you may then be held responsible. 

Public liability cover – Should your motorbike be responsible for an accident that causes damage to property or a member of the general public. In such a situation you will be liable for any resulting costs plus possible medical bills, which goes without saying can lead to hefty costs that may be too much for your business to shoulder. This is where public liability insurance comes into play, protecting you from claims for damage or injury to a member of the public whilst carrying out your daily business.

Bike breakdown cover – Bikes can and do break down it is at these times  that breakdown assistance cover would help with getting you back on the road as quickly as possible without being responsible for paying towing and other expensive fees that can occur when any vehicle breaks down.

How to Reduce your Courier Motorcycle Insurance  Premiums

  • If you can prove that you are a good driver with a good history of no claims , this will be looked on positively  by most brokers and should bring on the costs of your courier motorcycle insurance premium.
  • Increasing the excess The excess or the amount that you will be held liable can also be used to bring down your cover quote, if you are willing to increase this level again this shows good faith and again should help cut your courier motorcycle insurance costs.  
  • If you can select motor cyclists that have a  good history of driving and if possible and as age can also plays a role in the underwrites calculation if possible hire with the following age range  over 25 and under 75.
  • Security is important and if you keep this paramount in your business operations then this should be mentioned to the brokers example fitting anti theft devices and tracking gadgets that are approved by the UK insurance industry.
  • Pay as you go, if in fact you do lower miles compared to the average courier business then a policy which factors this is should work out cheaper than a standard policy with no limits on annual business miles.

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Do I Need Courier Insurance ?
The same as the goods that you move around, carrier policies come in all shapes and sizes to suit the different ranges of customer, There are however a few essential features which you absolutely must have.
How to set up a courier business
In the boom years of the 1980's, express carrier companies pretty much called all the shots. Should a client need a parcel delivered, the couriers more than often would dictate when it arrived. It’s an established fact that these days the business is more customer-led. Both businesses and individuals today expect good service and don’t want to wait all day for their packages to be picked up. If you’re not able to deliver when they want you to, they will simply go elsewhere.
Road Safety Reminders for Delivery Drivers
Whether you are the owner a haulage company, or work as a driver for one, road safety must always be observed. While doing haulage can be rewarding in many ways, there is more to the trade than just driving around doing delivery work. One important thing that needs attention is road safety.
What is Courier Insurance
Simply put, the aim of this type of cover is to protect not only your vehicle and its cargo, but also you. As is very often the case, as a courier, you will be transporting valuable packages for your clients, and will be exposed to more risks, as you spend significantly more time on the road than the average driver. Many of these risks are not covered on standard driver policies.