Courier Motorcycle Insurance

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  • Cover for all types of bike
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Good​​​​s in transit insurance pay monthly
  • Breakdown cover available
  • Courier documentation instantly available online
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Courier motorcycle insurance offers valuable protection to you or your courier drivers. Getting this type of courier cover can be expensive, as such it pays to do some research and compare courier insurance policies on offer from multiple UK insurance brokers.  The price should not be the only indicator used when selecting a policy it is very important that the policy meets fully with your individual or business requirements  as we mention in the following paragraph going for cheap may leave you under insured which will put your business at risk when it comes time to activate your insurance policy.  

Goods in transit cover

Delivering goods by motorbike does save on time and naturally fuel costs and is very cost effective especially in large towns or cities like London or Manchester. However, this form of transport does attract  a higher level of risk to the underwriter responsible for arriving at a policy premium that keeps both you and them covered. 

For most courier driver taking out GIT in conjunction with courier motorcycle insurance is standard practice. This type of insurance will protect the goods whilst in transit. Please note that it does not offer blanket cover and exclusions do exist. The obvious ones are couriering expensive items, diamonds or jewelry  would be good examples. The best approach is to provide the brokers with a list of good types that you or your business provide a transit service for. If a new customer makes a request to courier items that does not fall into your normal courier categories, fist check with your broker to find out are they covered.  

Types of bike courier insurance available 

  • Public liability : Should your motorbike be responsible for an accident that causes damage to property or a member of the general public. In such a situation you will be liable for any resulting costs plus possible medical bills, which goes without saying can lead to hefty costs that may be too much for your business to shoulder. This is where public liability insurance comes into play, protecting you from claims for damage or injury to a member of the public whilst carrying out your daily business.
  • Bike breakdown cover :  Bikes can and do break down it is at these times that breakdown assistance cover would help with getting you back on the road as quickly as possible without being responsible for paying towing and other expensive fees that can occur when any vehicle breaks down.
  • Comprehensive : This type  of courier motorcycle insurance  will also provide protection if you or one of your drivers are at fault, unlike third party which will cover the costs of only the third party, leaving you to cover your own costs ( if your were at fault ).  
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    Uninsured driver claims : Unfortunately you may be involved in an accident with a driver that has no insurance. On average half  a million motorists are fined for driving without proper insurance in the UK every year. As this can happen to you, check if your policy will cover your excess and no claims history in such an event. This extra cover if present in your courier motorcycle insurance will only ever be included under a comprehensive policy.

Reducing the costs of courier motorcycle insurance

Similar to car courier insurance your bike courier insurance can be reduced by taking steps that will reduce the risk of a claim being made. The cost of courier motorcycle insurance will in most cases be reduced if you take the following steps, some should be undertaken in consultation with your broker, for example adding extra security. 

  • Speak with your broker abut Increasing the excess amount. If you are willing to increase this level this show responsibility and should help cut your courier motorcycle insurance costs.  
  • Are your bikes stored in a secure area overnight? Can this be provided?
  • Have you added tracking devices that have been approved by the UK insurance industry?
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    Make fewer claims by driving within any speed limits and driving at all times with caution and care for other road users. On going provide or take advance motorcycle driving courses.

Taking the above steps and any others that your broker may request should help bring down the costs of your busines courier motorcycle insurance.

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