COVID-19 creates the demand for delivery driver jobs in the UK

There are more job openings for fast food delivery drivers in the UK due to COVID-19, with most communities locking down and staying off the streets. The UK is fortunate that the new on-demand lifestyle had already put the framework for home delivery services in place before the pandemic hit.

Why the demand has increased so fast

With communities going into lockdown, most of the population is staying at home. They still need supplies, and the home delivery of everything is now booming. Not only is this quarantine measure stopping the spread of the virus, but it is also providing an opportunity for those that have bicycles, scooters and economical cars.

It is now a common scene on the streets in the UK to see scooters with the driver that has packed their vehicles to overload capacity. With nearly no traffic, they can manoeuvre their way to the many homes on their list with little to no obstacles.

delivery jobs during COVID-19

How are drivers staying safe?

The easiest way to avoid catching the virus is to avoid the infected. When making deliveries this information is not always available so staying covered up is essential. The wearing of masks, eye protection and gloves are the most common personal protective equipment being used.

By having the monetary transaction occurring electronically when the items being ordered, nothing from the homes where the deliveries are being made will leave their premises. This is now classified as non-contact deliveries.

What happens when a delivery driver gets quarantined from exposure or testing positive for the virus?

Because of the increased risk of making deliveries during the pandemic, nearly every delivery service has stepped up and begun providing better benefits for their drivers. Uber Eats, Doordash, Deliveroo, and Postmates are among those that are now offering to keep paying drivers if they have to be quarantined due to exposure to the virus.

A few restaurants are also offering contactless delivery services, but with these deliveries coming from smaller establishments, it is not known how well they will care for their employees. Because of that, before taking any delivery job to inquire about the health benefits.

Is there hazard pay for making deliveries during the pandemic?

At this time no delivery service company is paying hazard pay, but some are offering a bonus and the pay per delivery has gone up. It is not unheard of making more than £200 for 30 deliveries. If decide to provide delivery service in your car or on motorbike, make sure you have your bike covered for delivery food. If using a car, make sure you have a good level car courier insurance in place.   

Are customers allowed to tip delivery drivers?

Yes, customers can and should tip. The standard tip before the virus took over was 15%. Now, customers who really appreciate the risk people are taking to help provide them with supplies should show it by tipping 20% or more. What has long been forgotten is that the tips are recognition from the customer to the delivery person just how much they appreciate their efforts.

There is indeed a risk of catching the COVID-19 virus, but that is for everyone right now. Delivery drivers who are working during the outbreak of the pandemic do have an elevated risk of contracting it, but they are also making money while most of the population are unemployed. The decision is weighing the risk against the reward. For many right now, the risk is worth it.

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