Answers to questions that are asked frequently ( FAQ'S)

Can I add additional drivers?

While there are generally no restrictions on the number of drivers you are allowed to have on a policy, be aware that most insurance companies will issue policies that place conditions on who can drive the vehicle. The premium cost is directly affected by not only the age, but the claims history of any named drivers on the policy.

Make yourself aware of the different options available when it comes to drivers on your policy. As is most often the case, the more drivers, the higher the premium. Most common types of cover include:

  • Named driver only
  • Any driver
  • Insured only

What is CMR insurance?

This is a type of cover that allows hauliers and couriers to move goods within Europe. It is similar to goods in transit and can be added if and when needed.

Can I use my personal no claims discount to lower the cost of courier insurance?

Most brokers will take a good history of no claims into account when arriving at a premium cost for your courier insurance

Can I change the vehicle insured from a car to a van if my business grows

The procedure is to stop one policy and begin a new policy, the broker can in most cases will do this in a way that will be seamless to you and your courier business.

Do I need to inform my broker of speeding tickets during the insured period?

Currently you only need to notify the broker when it comes renewal time.

What type of vehicles can insurance be provided for?

Brokers in this niche insurance sector are able to provide cover for couriers that use bikes, motorbikes, cars, vans or large HGV vehicles or a mix of the aforementioned. 

Do you provide cover for food delivery drivers

Startup's like Deliveroo enables anybody with a bike, car or scooter to work part time delivering hot food. We can offer a wide choice of options for fast food delivery insurance options including flexible payment plans.