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Food courier insurance for Fast Food Delivery

Food delivery insurance UK is essential for anyone providing a food courier service. The delivery service may by a scooter, bicycle, motorbike or small car. If you provide this type of service, take note that standard insurance does not extend to using your mode of transport as a delivery vehicle. You will need a special type  of insurance, which is sometimes referred to as food courier insurance. We can provide you with multiple quotes for this specialist insurance, sometimes referred to as hot food delivery insurance.

The internet has changed how people shop. Brick and mortar shops now struggle to compete against online shopping services. Food delivery apps have enabled food to be easily ordered and delivered with a few clicks. This has all led to a boom in the food delivery service sector. The demand for delivery drivers will continue until the day that a  drone arrives at your door with a pizza hot out of the oven, but until that day the delivery driver will need pizza delivery insurance. 

food delivery drone

Do you need fast food delivery insurance?

Car insurance for hot food delivery is a special type of cover that  will not be part of a standard car insurance. However, if you are thinking of taking a full time or part-time gig delivery takeaway food, you simply need to contact your broker and revise your cover to include fast food delivery car insurance. This type of cover is also known as takeaway delivery insurance, insurance for delivery driver. This is a business insurance designed specifically for the growing food delivery sector within the UK.

How much is Takeaway Delivery Insurance?

The price structure is moving towards a pay as you go model, which is great for part-time delivery drivers or others that just work weekends. With ongoing changes and new providers entering into the market, it is best to get multiple quotes from all the insurance providers and do your own comparison. Even if you have takeaway driver cover, take time to look at the current available options so come renewal time you have a choice and not simply select the new quote from your existing broker. Some brokers will reward loyalty, others will provide a discount to new policies, leaving existing customers with the same or slightly higher premiums come renewal time.

Fast Food delivery service by car / hire and reward insurance for food delivery

Do not assume that your standard car cover is sufficient to provide cover if you are using your car to provide a delivery service. The fact is that you will invalidate any cover that you may have. Separate cover is required should you wish to provide this type of service. The first step is to contact your current broker and let them advise you of the available options for business use.

Fast Food delivery service by scooter

Again, if you intend to use your scooter, moped or motorbike to deliver food, you first need to contact your insurance broker. They will advise you on the best way to get the cover required particular to your business model. Your standard bike insurance does not cover you for delivery services. The  reason is that your intended use has changed. You will now be using your bike constantly and most likely at nighttime. These two reasons alone will make you more likely to being involved in a road accident. As such, your broker will increase your premium before giving the okay to use your motor scooter to deliver fast food.  Hot food delivery drivers need a thermal or insulated bag to keep the food hot and customers happy. Read our review and review of the best selling thermal insulated food delivery bags available  in the UK in 2021.

fast food delivery insurance

Like cars, the insurance costs will to some extent depend on the actual vehicle. For the lowest rates, choose a scooter with engine size 125 cc or less. Go above that and fat food delivery insurance costs will escalate.

Food courier service by push bike or cycle

The typical standard bike policy is designed to cover your bike if stolen or damaged. This is a good idea, especially if delivering food late at night in built-up areas. However, cycling liability cover is not included.

If you are using your cycle to courier food for Ubereats, a restaurant or a takeaway then you should consider taking out a cycling liability policy. Unlike other forms of transport, it is not a legal requirement to take out additional cover to cover delivery by bicycle.  

How much does fast food delivery insurance cost?

This depends on a number of factors, some of these are related to your vehicle and driving history, other are related to the details of the actual delivery service. We have listed some key factors below. 

The delivery Service

  • Driving history and length of time providing service
  • Service area rural being less expensive than Inner city
  • Operating hours: late night deliveries will be more expensive as the likelihood of accidents increase

The delivery Driver and vehicle

  • The insurance category of the vehicle small cars/vans will attract a lower premium 
  • Your history of insurance claims against your policy.
  • The excess amount or the amount that you accept liability for. If you can accept a higher excess for a lower premium in return

Why are fast food delivery insurance UK rates high compared to standard car insurance

  • Drivers delivering fast food are constantly running against the clock to make deliver deadlines. This added time pressure can lead to more accidents.
  • Working long hours, late at night and often in poor weather conditions 
  • Sometimes this is a second job, adding to the tiredness of the drivers.

What is fast food delivery insurance?

It is important to understand  that your standard car policy does not cover delivering food from restaurants or takeaways. If you provide such a service you will need specific ' hire for reward insurance'.

Why use Compare Courier Insurance?

We can provide you with multiple quotes for fast food delivery insurance UK. Start the process by selecting the quote button below and complete a simple online form detailing your food courier business. After this  you will start receiving quotes from a panel of UK brokers that deal in fast food courier insurance.