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Uber Eats Insurance

Demand for food delivery services continues to grow in the UK. The growth has been propelled by the many food ordering apps that make ordering hot gourmet meals easy. Place your order using your smart device and wait for your delivery. Fast food is the most popular, but gourmet food from fine restaurants is also growing in demand. Image superb food in the comfort of your own home. If you are considering making extra money in the gig economy, do make sure that you have food delivery insurance to protect yourself.  

By having Uber Eats Insurance, you, your vehicle and the food you are delivering are protected during the delivery process. This is an add-on to a personal vehicle insurance policy that is specific for part-time or full time couriers of food only items.

Do i need insurance for uber eats?

To make any type of delivery in the UK for a payment it is classified as hire for reward and requires a special type of insurance. This makes it classified as a commercial business venture and requires commercial vehicle insurance by law.

Are all commercial vehicle insurance policies the same?

No, there are several different types of commercial vehicle insurance to cover hire for reward vehicles. The difference between them is in what is being transported. There are taxi, rideshare, couriers of goods and fast food deliveries along with pay as you go food delivery insurance.

Why is Uber Eats insurance so costly?

The fast food delivery drivers who work for Uber Eats do have to pay more for than their premiums as compared to personal vehicle insurance due to the increased risk to the insurance companies. This risk is increased because the vehicles will be on the road more and cover more miles. For the delivery driver of hot food items there is also a time factor involved which increases the risk.

How can I reduce the cost of my Uber Eats insurance?

The easiest way to get the right cover for the lowest cost is to be very specific about the type of items you will be delivering. With most food orders not having a high value, this needs to be stated since if it is lost, damaged or stolen the replacement costs will be minimal.

The hours you will be on the road making deliveries is another area whereby being specific can save you money by lowering the costs of your premium. Day time and early evening fast food delivery drivers will have a lower premium cost as compared to late night delivery drivers because of the reduced risk.

By adding safety features to the vehicle that can prove how safe you operate the vehicle like a dashcam is another way to lower your premium costs. Many insurance companies offer a discount for dashcams, just ask when requesting a quote.

Taking a driving course is proof your skills as a driver and knowledge of the rules of the road are up to date and can lower the costs of your premium by reducing the risk to the insurance company.

How many hours can I work and still be covered?

Most part time Uber Eats drivers work from 10 to 30 hours a week. When taking out the policy, the fewer hours you work, the lower the premium will cost. If you are working 50 plus hours a week, but state you only plan to work 20, a claim might be invalid due to the inaccuracy of the stated number of hours. It is best to be honest and if you increase the number of hours you work, then inform your insurance agent of the change.

Having Uber Eats insurance is required to deliver food items for hire in the UK. This same type of insurance is also required for drivers working for DoorDash, Amazon Flex, Postmates and any other on-demand food delivery service operating in the UK.

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