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Starting a courier business

In the boom years of the 1980's, courier companies pretty much called all the shots. Should a client need a parcel delivered, the couriers more than often would dictate when it arrived. It’s an established fact that these days the business is more customer-led. Both businesses and individuals today expect good service and will not wait all day for their packages to be picked up. If you’re not able to deliver when they want you to, they will simply go elsewhere. If you do start a courier delivery service  compare the cost of courier insurance from multiple brokers.

With courier insurance in place and a good business plan opportunities abound in the courier sector.

Demand for couriers is greatest in the business regions of major UK cities. This demand is of a business nature, delivery of urgent documents for example. However, a demand for fast food delivery service exists in all regions of the UK as the love of fast food continues. 

Courier entry levels

Because of the different entry levels, opportunities exist for those starting off with a small budget for example providing a simple bike courier service. Which ever approach you plan it is paramount that you position yourself as a firm that not only delivers, but provides great service.

If you can think of something that can set you apart from the pack then all the better. A path exists to start as a bike courier progress to a van couriers and beyound.

The ease of entry is also the downfall of the courier industry so be warned whilst it is relatively easy to enter competition will always be at your heels.  To some it may seem that all you need is an office, a mobile device, and a courier vehicle. As a result, there are many new courier businesses that start up each only to fail. 

Many other opportunities exist in the haulage of goods sector. These are in general more expensive to set up as normally you will need to invest in vans or heavy goods vehicles. If you can enter at this level and be successful the rewards will be huge.

Do the research, create a business plan and be cautious taking nothing as given, in other words be prepared for long hours and hard work. Success can be achieved with determination, planning and a service minded attitude

The least investment path

If you do not have unlimited money for a fleet of push or motor bikes, most likely you will have people working for/with you on a self-employed basis, rather than as employees. A key advantage of this is that they will be responsible when it comes to providing their own bikes and equipment, in addition to storing and maintaining them.

Establish a strong business image - stand out from the crowd

We all know that motorcyclists and cyclists are indeed vulnerable on the roads, but they also can be very visible. Because of this you can enhance both your rider’s safety and the company advertising by the use of bright, noticeable colours or logos.

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