Understanding Hermes, Amazon and Other Self Employed Delivery Driver Insurance

Understanding self-employed delivery driver insurance for couriers of Hermes and Amazon

Working for the major delivery services like Hermes and Amazon today during the pandemic can be an avenue for establishing a revenue stream for you and your family. What has to be remembered is that a courier must have a business class 3 type of insurance on their delivery vehicle to be legal on the road when delivery the third party parcels for hire and reward.

What is required to be a self-employed courier driver?

Before working as a courier, each delivery person will have to have a category B driving license if your courier vehicle is a car. That car must also be registered with the DVLA. If you have a driving license from a country other than the UK, you can still drive on your existing driving license for up to 12 months.

The vehicle must be insured as a class 3 commercial vehicle. The minimum level of cover required by the UK government is Third Party only. This can be full time or part time.

For part time couriers, some insurance firms offer an add-on commercial hire for reward policy for their Social, Domestic and Pleasure insurance policy.

What does Hermes provide a courier?

For the part time courier, Hermes provides a wage that can be £10 to £15 an hour. They hire both full time couriers who are their employees and self-employed couriers. The courier can provide their own delivery driver insurance policy or Hermes will issue a policy of their own to the courier. The policy issued by Hermes is the minimum requirement of Third Party Only commercial Hire and Reward insurance. This does not come with the optional add-on of Goods In Transit. Because of that, the parcels being transported are not protected against being stolen, damaged or lost while being transported.

What does Amazon Flex provide a courier?

Amazon does not employ any couriers as employees. They only hire self-employed couriers and classify them as part of their Amazon Flex department in their business plan. The pay is advertised as being the same and Hermes which is £10 to £15 an hour. The courier who wants to work for Amazon Flex is required to provide their own class 3 commercial Hire for Reward insurance policy before they can be hired.

To work as a courier for Hermes, Amazon or any other firm, you must have at minimum Third Party Only commercial class 3 Hire for Reward insurance. The biggest difference on the surface between Hermes and Amazon is that Hermes will help you get coverage while with Amazon you are on your own.

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