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Van Courier Insurance

We can help you compare the cost of courier van insurance with multiple UK brokers. When you enter your van insurance details into the online form, these will be made available to a panel of 20 plus UK brokers. Each broker will compete for your business and send you a tailored quote that you may compare with previous offers received.

When it comes for insurance renewal don’t just simply accept the new premium that your broker sends.  First check what is currently available by checking some comparative websites. If you find a like for like quote that is cheaper you may use this to lower your current premium of if unhappy change to a new insurance broker, either you will save money.

Reduce risk with courier insurance for vans 

Courier van insurance is necessary If you operate a goods delivery service for example fast food delivery. As part of your business you are exposed to a lot of risks. Your vans are on the road most of the times, and you have the additional responsibility of delivering the consignments to your customers safely as it speaks volumes about your credibility. 

Sometimes the goods in transit are expensive and easy to to sell on the black market which makes your cargo susceptible to theft. There is no reason to worry as taking out a van courier insurance policy will help protect you or your business against any unseen future circumstances.

Courier Van Insurance

Goods in transit insurance

This is cover that provides insurance for the goods that are being moved from A to B. This is essential for many drivers that are responsible for transporting goods. However, the insurance broker is aware that valuable items can put them at major financial risk should they have to pay out. So if your business is couriering diamonds you may find it difficult if not impossible to get insurance.

As such these transit insurance polices come with a list of exclusions that cover will not be provided for. If in any doubt consult with your broker before accepting to transport an item that was not initially on your agreed list. In some cases it may be prudent to ask the customer to provide the cover. 

Steps that you can take to lower your van insurance courier premium

Like all insurance the premium that you pay will be based on many factors. These factors have one thing in common in that are used to determine the risk that you pose to the underwriter. No claims history is a key factor in the underwriters calculation, so safe driving should always be a priority to keeping your ongoing premiums low. If you are young driver under 21 or 25 you will fall into an age group that have been proven statistically to be high risk and will pay a higher premium.  

There are many other factors that you as a driver can reduce  these risk factors and in so dong reduce your annual or monthly van courier insurance premium. Below we  have complied some practical steps that you can take in order to reduce your risk to the broker and in turn be rewarded with cheaper van courier insurance quote. 

  • Maintaining a good history of no claims will normally lead to a more competitive quote for your courier van insurance as the underwriter views you as less risk of making a claim against your policy.
  • Increasing the excess ( the amount that you or your business is liable for ) will in mast case provide a reduction in your annul or monthly van courier insurance premium
  • If you are running a courier business and employ drivers, hire drivers that have a proven history of no claims. Also provide ongoing training and reward excellence in driving. Some employees take this approach of splitting the drivers into teams that compete for best drivers and the winning team is rewarded on a quarterly basis. 
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    The more secure your delivery vans are the more likely you will receive a more favorable premium quote from UK insurance brokers. Take measures to provide secure parking. Behind secure gating if possible additionally fit security gadgets that are approved by the UK insurance industry.
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    Fitting your courier vans with black boxes that record the actions of your drivers can result in reduced premiums if they show the characteristics of a good and a cautious driver. However should they reveal the opposite be prepared to pay a higher premium in future months. 
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    If you are able then buy vehicles with the latest safety technology for example lane assist and brake assist. All these extra safety measures will help keep your vehicles out of the repair garage.
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    If you have control over fleet purchases take into consideration that vans are grouped into categories which directly reflect insurance costs. This can be summed up, buy reliable vans with body and mechanical  parts that are not expensive to replace

Don't over insure

Inspect any courier van insurance policy offer, looking for items that you do not need cover for. An obvious one would be that if you see that breakdown cover is included, but you already have this outsourced direct to a national breakdown company ( which is usually cheaper). 

Consider the excess amount, if in agreement with your broker you increase this you will have less insurance payout cover, but your premiums will be lower. Remember you have control over how you drive and thereby can lessen the risk that you will become liable for the excess amount. A win win on both sides.