What is Courier Insurance?

The purpose of courier insurance is to protect not only your vehicle and its cargo, but also you. As is very often the case, as a courier, you will be transporting valuable packages for your clients. In addition, couriers spend most of their time driving and this extends your risk of being in accident. Most standard insurance policies will not provide the cover require at the level required. 

This is exactly where courier insurance comes into play. This type of insurance is specifically designed for the unique risks couriers are exposed to. The correct Courier Insurance policy will cover you should your cargo be stolen, lost, or damaged in transit.

Courier as a part time job

Many opportunities exist to work as a courier on a part time basis. The most popular is food delivery. This is popular as it is something that you can do in the evening time to supplement your income. No qualifications are needed, but you should take out food courier insurance if using your own car or van. With online shopping dominating, a need exists for delivery drivers. Both could be a part time job, or you could go the self employed route full time.

Do I need Courier Insurance ?

A standard business car policy can provide cover as to the value of the vehicle in addition to any damage that you may cause to people, property, and other vehicles. However, it will not cover the goods you are transporting. Although it is not illegal to transport under standard car insurance, it is not wise to take the chance.

Having the right type of cover in place for both your vehicle and its cargo are essential to protect against crippling payouts. This very special type of insurance is designed to handle the unique risks that couriers face as they operate their business including:

  • High Daily Mileage
  • Multiple Stops During a Trip
  • Varied Nature of Cargo and its Value

Standard car or van insurance will in most cases not provide you the additional cover for goods in transit. However, do check with your broker as it may be included but with limit on payout. If the limit leaves too much exposure ask to get it increased or take out goods in transit insurance as an addition. 

Risks of not having suitable cover

Failure on your part to acquire the correct courier Insurance policy, could have the results of a fine, points on your licence, or even a driving ban. In the worst case scenario, you also have to cover the costs of the items being couriered. Is it worth the risk?

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