Why you need to take out cover

Simply put, the aim of Courier Insurance is to protect not only your vehicle and its cargo, but also you. As is very often the case, as a courier, you will be transporting valuable packages for your clients, and will be exposed to more risks, as you spend significantly more time on the road than the average driver. Many of these risks are not covered on standard insurance policies.

This is exactly where Courier Insurance comes into play. This type of insurance is specifically designed for the unique risks couriers are exposed to. The correct Courier Insurance policy will cover you should your cargo be stolen, lost, or damaged in transit.

Obtaining this type of cover, can at times, be a little confusing due to the fact that there are so many types of cover available such as, Courier Fleet, Courier Van, Public Liability, and Goods in Transit insurance. It is of the utmost importance, that you take the time to understand and make sure that the policy you are about to purchase is the right one for you specific needs.

A standard business car policy can provide cover as to the value of the vehicle in addition to any damage that you may cause to people, property, and other vehicles however, it will not cover the goods you are transporting. Although it is not illegal to transport goods while you carry standard business insurance on your vehicle, it not wise to take the chance.

There is no question that being a courier can be a lucrative career. There are many individuals that choose to work as a courier part-time to supplement their day job. If you decide to get involved in this trade, it is ultra-import that you speak to a knowledgeable specialist that will give you proper advice, along with ensuring that you are not driving illegally.

Failure on your part to acquire the correct Courier Insurance policy, could have the results of a fine, points on your license, or even a driving ban, which would no doubt be a bad thing, especially if you need to drive to make a living.

Do I need Courier Insurance ?

Having the right type of cover in place, when your vehicle and its cargo are essential to your business, could make all the difference. This very special type of insurance is designed to handle the unique risks that couriers face as they operate their business including:

· High Daily Mileage

· Multiple Stops During a Trip

· Varied Nature of Cargo and its Value

Regular/standard insurance will not provide you with cover for this kind of driving. While having Courier Insurance for your business may at first seem a little expensive, but as we have pointed out, there are reasons. Regardless, having this insurance, in the event of a claim is by far, cheaper than having to pay for loss of goods out of your own pocket.

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